Moorestown, NJ
Shower Remodeling

Shower Remodel on Brooks Road in Moorestown, NJ

Swish transformed this old leaking builder grade shower in 3 days. 

Our client reached out to us faced with a challenging situation: a persistent leak in their shower that led to unsightly water spots on their kitchen ceiling. Despite their efforts, pinpointing the source of the leak remained elusive.

Understanding the dual nature of their need, they inquired if we could not only resolve the leakage issue but also take the opportunity to rejuvenate their shower space. Our response was a resounding ‘Absolutely!’ At Swish Baths, we’re committed to transforming challenges into beautiful, functional solutions.

The Before

The original shower was a quintessential builder-grade creation, complete with a framed glass enclosure and classic 4″x4″ white subway tiles, accented by a decorative strip for a touch of character.

At its base lay a shower pan crafted from acrylic or fiberglass, showing its age and wear. The faucets, water-stained and faded, bore the marks of two decades of use.

It was clear that even without the leak, this shower was long overdue for an upgrade – a chance to infuse it with the love and modern elegance it deserved.

before images


Our client decided to not only address the leak but also elevate their shower experience.

Recognizing the need for an upgrade beyond just repairs, they chose to revamp their shower faucet. Our recommendation? The exceptional Grohe Grohtherm Dual Function Faucet – a perfect blend of functionality and style. To complement this, we installed a convenient handheld unit on the sidewall and opted for large format tiles within the shower. This choice not only modernized the look but significantly reduced the number of grout joints, streamlining maintenance and enhancing the overall look of the shower!


Once all the tiling was meticulously laid and grouted, we brought the project together with the addition of sleek Schluter Shelving. This choice was a strategic one by the client, opting for these shelves as a cost-effective yet stylish solution for storage. It served as a practical alternative to installing a traditional shower niche, seamlessly integrating functionality without compromising on the shower’s new aesthetic.


Full Project Photos

See the project as it progresses from before to after!

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