Bathroom Remodeling
Hammonton, NJ

Full Hallway Bathroom Remodel – Alexander Drive, Hammonton, NJ

Elevating a Hammonton Hallway Bathroom

In another project in Hammonton, NJ, we tackled the remodel of an upstairs hallway bathroom. The original space was the epitome of builder-grade: functional but devoid of any design flair or visual appeal. The homeowner was keen on infusing this space with their personal style, transforming it from a purely functional area into a bathroom with character and elegance.

Before: Functional but Uninspired

The initial state of the bathroom was typical of many homes – efficient yet unimaginative. It served its purpose but failed to make any statement or provide a sense of comfort beyond the basic necessities. The homeowner saw potential in this space and desired a bathroom that would not only serve functional needs but also reflect a personalized touch


During: Adding Personality and Style

Our first major upgrade was in the bathtub area, where we installed a luxurious Kohler Underscore ultra-deep bathtub. Complementing this was the Grohe Grohtherm 3-function faucet, complete with a rain shower, tub spout, and hand shower, offering a versatile and indulgent bathing experience.

We introduced a custom recessed shower niche on the rear wall of the tub area, finished elegantly with a matching white piece of quartz. This addition provided practical storage while enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

The rear wall of the shower received special attention with the installation of a 3D accent tile. This feature was dramatically highlighted by two new recessed lights in the shower, creating an impressive visual effect.

A star-themed tile floor was laid down, contrasting beautifully against the all-white bathtub tile and tying the room together.

The remodel also included new recessed lighting in the main area, a stylish new vanity and toilet, and updated plumbing fixtures.

As with all our projects, we ensured the bathtub area was thoroughly waterproofed using the Schluter Waterproofing system, offering the homeowners peace of mind against any future issues with leaks or tile damage.

After: A Harmonious Blend of Function and Aesthetics

The transformation of this hallway bathroom in Hammonton was a resounding success. The new deep bathtub and multifunctional faucet elevated the room’s functionality, while the custom niche, accent tiles, and dramatic lighting added a layer of sophistication. The star-themed floor brought a unique charm to the space, and the new fixtures and lighting completed the modern, personalized look. This bathroom remodel not only met the functional needs of the homeowners but also reflected their personal style, turning a once standard space into a delightful blend of comfort and style.


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