Bathroom Remodel
Hammonton, NJ

Full Bathroom Renovation – Alexander Drive, Hammonton, NJ

Bathroom Transformation: From Basic to Brilliant.

In Hammonton, New Jersey, we had the opportunity to completely remodel a bathroom that was originally built to builder-grade specifications – functional, yet uninspiring. The homeowners were eager to revamp this space, particularly wanting to eliminate an unused garden tub to create a more open, useful area with bench seating and storage.

Before: Functional But Uninspired

The existing bathroom, while operational, lacked character and modern appeal. Dominated by a garden tub that went unused, the room felt closed off and not reflective of the homeowners’ lifestyle or tastes. They envisioned a bathroom that was not just functional but also a visually appealing and open space, better suited to their daily lives.


During: Expanding and Enhancing

Our first step was to strip the room down to its studs, removing the tub and reconfiguring the plumbing. We expanded the existing shower into the newly available space, significantly enlarging it without major layout changes. This resulted in a grander, more luxurious shower area.

Using Schluter’s waterproofing system, we ensured the shower was built to last, and with Schluter’s Ditra uncoupling membrane beneath the floor tile, we provided a stable foundation. A key step was using leveling cement for a perfectly flat substrate, setting the stage for an immaculately laid, heavily patterned main floor tile.

The homeowners were thrilled with our suggestion to extend the floor tile pattern up the side of the curb, resulting in an eye-catching ‘wrapped’ effect at the curb’s corner. It added a deliberate, custom-designed feel to the room.

We also installed a floating bench with quartz epoxy miters, ingeniously supported by hidden industrial-grade steel supports, creating an illusion of it effortlessly hovering in place.

After: A Modern, Functional Bathroom Haven

The transformed bathroom now boasts a spacious, modern shower, complete with large format tiles and a Grohe Grohtherm dual-function shower faucet, featuring a rain shower head and handheld. Custom cabinetry and countertops, provided by local vendors, added a personal touch, while the updated plumbing fixtures and lighting brought the space into the present day. The finishing touch was the new frameless shower doors, perfectly showcasing the stunning shower area.

This Hammonton bathroom remodel was a perfect blend of functionality and style, turning what was once a basic, underutilized space into a vibrant, modern bathroom that the homeowners could enjoy and be proud of.


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