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Bath Tub Remodeling

Full Bathtub Remodel on Lakeview Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ

Elevating Bathtub Luxury in Cherry Hill

We embarked on a bathtub remodel that was all about bringing new life to a space that had seen better days. The homeowner’s bathroom, with its tiles beginning to fall off after 30 years, was in dire need of an update. They envisioned a space not only revived in style but also enhanced in functionality and comfort.

Before: The Worn-Out Bathtub Era

The journey began with a bathtub area that told a story of decades-long use. Tiles were loosening and falling, signaling the end of an era for the 30-year-old bathroom. It was clear that a simple fix wouldn’t suffice; a complete transformation was needed. The homeowners were ready to say goodbye to the old and embrace a new era of bathtub luxury.


During: Crafting the Dream Bathtub Space

Our first step was a complete strip down to the studs, preparing for a fresh start. We introduced a new Kohler Underscore bathtub – renowned for its depth and spaciousness, promising a luxurious soak. Next, we installed a Grohe Grohtherm triple function faucet, offering a tub spout, hand shower, and shower head for a versatile bathing experience. The walls were adorned with elegant porcelain slabs, adding a touch of sophistication.

A key feature was the recessed shower niche with mitered edges, designed to blend seamlessly with the porcelain slabs. This detail gave the shower walls a sleek, monolithic look, elevating the entire aesthetic.

After: A Bathtub Reborn in Elegance and Functionality

The transformation was nothing short of stunning. The new bathtub space blossomed into a haven of beauty, spaciousness, and enhanced functionality. The additional storage from the niche, combined with the upgraded plumbing fixtures, made for a more practical and enjoyable bathing experience. The homeowner was overjoyed with the result – a bathroom that not only met their needs but also exuded a modern, luxurious charm. This project was a testament to how a thoughtful redesign can turn an aging space into a contemporary oasis of relaxation and style.

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