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Bathroom Remodeling

Full Bathroom Remodel on Tudor Court, Evesham, NJ

Turning an old bathroom new. 

Let’s dive into a real-life makeover story. We’re talking about a Evesham, NJ primary bathroom that really needed a refresh. The owners were fed up with the outdated look and ready for a big change – think turning a tired old bathroom into something they’d actually call their dream space.

The Before

The bathroom we started with was pretty much stuck in the past. The style was old, the fixtures were showing their age, and the whole vibe just screamed for an update. The homeowners were more than ready to ditch the old look for something fresh and modern.



So, what did the makeover involve? First up, we chose 2×10 subway tiles for a sleek look around the room – classic white in the shower and a cool blue as an accent behind the tub. For the shower floor, we went with a gorgeous penny tile that really tied the room together.

One of the highlights was installing our signature modern/floating bench. These benches are super sleek with hidden supports, adding that high-end touch. And to wrap it all up, we put in a new frameless shower door and an LED mirror for that extra bit of wow.


The completion of the project revealed a stunning transformation. The custom-built, fully tiled shower now boasted frameless glass doors that added to the feeling of openness. The carefully chosen tiles and the additional width made the shower feel significantly larger and more luxurious, perfectly aligning with the home’s older character. The new, expansive niche provided ample storage space, solving the previous issue elegantly. The Grohe fixtures elevated the showering experience, turning a once-basic bathroom feature into a luxurious, modern retreat. This project not only met the client’s needs but also beautifully preserved the home’s historical essence.


Full Project Photos

See the project as it progresses from before to after!

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