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Shower Remodeling

Shower Remodel on Lakeview Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ

Banishing Mold, Boosting Luxury in Cherry Hill. 

In Cherry Hill, NJ, we embarked on a challenging yet rewarding journey to transform a shower space plagued with persistent mold issues. The homeowner, grappling with mold since their first day in the home, was desperate for a lasting solution. Regular bleach treatments proved ineffective, as the mold kept reappearing. Their aspiration was not just to eradicate the mold problem but also to revitalize their shower into a space of comfort and luxury.

Before: A Constant Battle Against Mold in a Dated Shower

The original state of the shower in this Cherry Hill home was a classic case of construction gone wrong. The primary issue lay hidden beneath the surface – the shower floor was installed without any pitch or slope. This critical oversight in construction meant that water never properly drained through the underlying drainage layer. It was a flawed design that invited trouble.

As we began demolition, we were met with an expected discovery: standing water was trapped under the tiles. This stagnant water was the breeding ground for the relentless mold that plagued the homeowner’s daily life. Each time they thought they had eradicated the mold with bleach, it was merely a temporary fix. The real culprit was a fundamental flaw in the shower’s construction.

This chronic moisture problem had turned their shower into a damp, moldy environment, far from the refreshing space it should have been. The homeowner’s struggle with mold was not just an inconvenience but a symptom of a deeper issue that demanded a complete overhaul. They yearned for more than just a cosmetic upgrade – they needed a solution that would address the root of the problem and transform their shower into a clean, healthy, and enjoyable space.


During: Expanding Boundaries, Implementing Innovative Solutions

Our breakthrough came with the demolition of the old shower. Behind the shower head, we discovered unused space, presenting a golden opportunity to expand the shower area significantly. This involved dismantling the existing faucet wall, reconfiguring the plumbing, and constructing a new, larger shower space. Our choice of large format tiles played a crucial role in reducing grout lines, thereby minimizing potential mold growth areas. The innovative ‘envelope cut’ shower pan was a strategic choice, allowing us to use larger tiles on the shower floor while ensuring effective water drainage.

We installed the Grohe Grohtherm 3-fixture shower faucet, a combination of a spray shower head, rain shower head, and hand shower, dramatically enhancing the functionality and user experience. This upgrade was not just about size; it was about transforming the shower into a multifunctional, luxurious space.

After: A Spacious, Mold-Free Shower Sanctuary

The transformation left the homeowner and us in awe. The once cramped and mold-ridden shower was now a spacious, mold-free sanctuary. The large tiles and minimal grout lines achieved a clean, contemporary look while addressing the mold issue at its core. The recessed lighting we installed brought attention to the decorative strip, adding a touch of elegance to the space. The additional hidden niche in the half wall offered a clever storage solution, maintaining the shower’s sleek appearance.

This project in Cherry Hill was a testament to how thoughtful design and technical expertise can overcome longstanding issues, transforming a problematic space into a luxurious and functional bathroom highlight. The homeowner was thrilled with the outcome – a shower that not only met their practical needs but also became a symbol of modern comfort and style in their home.


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