Moorestown, NJ
Bathroom Remodeling

Shower Remodel on Stanwick Road, Moorestown, NJ

Swish brough this old builder grade shower back to life!

Welcome to a showcase of transformation, where Swish Baths takes a standard, builder-grade shower and turns it into a custom masterpiece. This project highlights our commitment to enhancing functionality, space, and style while respecting the historical charm of the home. Follow us through the journey of this remarkable makeover – from the initial limitations to the final luxurious outcome.

The Before

The initial state of the shower presented typical builder-grade limitations. It was cramped, offering minimal space and lacking adequate storage solutions. Its standard design did not fully utilize the potential of the space nor did it reflect the unique character of the older home and its historic neighborhood. The need for a more spacious, functional, and aesthetically fitting shower was clear.



The transformation began with a complete rebuild of the shower area. Using the Schluter shower system, renowned for its waterproofing excellence, we ensured a best-in-class foundation for the new shower. We expanded the shower’s dimensions by approximately four inches in width, which significantly enhanced the sense of space. To address the storage issue, a four-shelf, super-large niche was integrated. The choice of traditional 2×10 subway tile and mosaic tile was deliberately made to maintain the home’s historical integrity. The installation of the Grohe Grotherm Faucet, complete with a spray shower head, ceiling shower head, and handheld, marked a significant upgrade in fixtures, adding both functionality and luxury.


The completion of the project revealed a stunning transformation. The custom-built, fully tiled shower now boasted frameless glass doors that added to the feeling of openness. The carefully chosen tiles and the additional width made the shower feel significantly larger and more luxurious, perfectly aligning with the home’s older character. The new, expansive niche provided ample storage space, solving the previous issue elegantly. The Grohe fixtures elevated the showering experience, turning a once-basic bathroom feature into a luxurious, modern retreat. This project not only met the client’s needs but also beautifully preserved the home’s historical essence.


Full Project Photos

See the project as it progresses from before to after!

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