Cherry Hill, NJ
Bathroom Remodel

Full Bathroom Remodel on Lucille Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ

A fresh start for a Cherry Hill Bathroom

In Cherry Hill, NJ, we encountered a full bathroom remodel that was more than just an upgrade – it was a rescue mission. The bathroom had suffered from mold and damage due to a leak from an upstairs neighbor, leaving the ceiling crumbling and the space looking forlorn. The homeowner’s wish? To refresh and revitalize their bathroom, transforming their old bathtub into a sleek, modern shower.

The Before

The starting point was a challenge: a moldy, damaged bathroom with a collapsing ceiling. It was clear that this space needed more than just a facelift – it needed a complete overhaul. The homeowner longed for a clean, rejuvenated look, moving away from the bathtub and embracing the idea of a contemporary shower.



The transformation began from the ground up. We started by leveling the slab floor to meet industry standards, ensuring a solid and even base for the remodel. Next, we implemented the Schluter waterproofing system in the shower area, a crucial step for long-term durability and protection against moisture.

With the foundational elements in place, we then turned our attention to converting the old bathtub into a custom porcelain slab walk-in shower, accentuated with sleek frameless glass doors. The customer’s choice of Dekton Kreta slabs for the floors and Dekton Marina slabs for the walls brought a harmonious and modern aesthetic to the space. To balance functionality and cost, we installed a full back wall shelf, providing ample storage while keeping expenses in check.


The transformation was stunning. Gone was the moldy, sad bathroom, replaced by a space that radiates cleanliness and modernity. The metal transitions with accent strips at the floor entrance added a “sporty” feel as per the customer’s request, seamlessly blending style and function. The new walk-in shower, with its elegant porcelain slabs and frameless doors, became the centerpiece of this revitalized bathroom. Our clients were thrilled with the outcome – a bathroom that not only looked refreshed but felt like a whole new world.


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