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Less remodeling,
more rejoicing.

Your bathtub should be a space for everyday luxury, but too often, it’s a space defined by outdated tile, drippy shower heads, and moldy, peeling caulking. You’d love a change, but remodeling sounds hard, so you just carry your glass of wine in there, light another scented candle, and dream of what could be…

Good news! Swish is changing the narrative on bathroom renovations. We’ve streamlined the process to transform your outdated bathroom into the retreat you’ve dreamed of in as few as three days!

This is where Swish
really shines.

The only remodeling stories you’ll tell will be joyful ones!

National Certification

Our owners are accredited through the only nationwide tile installation certification program of its kind.

Superior Products

We go beyond the materials found in the local home supply stores to provide an upscale experience for you.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers continue to rave about our quality work and friendly service long after the job is finished.

Allow us to
introduce ourselves.

The best way to get to know us is over the blueprint of your new bathroom! The second-best way is here:

Anthony Tisseverasinghe


Anthony graduated from Temple University with degrees in finance and banking, but his interest in architecture and engineering kept drawing him to the building trades. He has worked in all phases of the construction process, from design and planning to project management and installation. 
Anthony has perfected highly technical tile projects and has been accredited as a Certified Tile Installer (CTI certificate #1744). This is the only national certification program of its kind, and the program requires its graduates to demonstrate expertise in the knowledge and skills necessary to perform high-quality, long-lasting tile installations. 
Anthony brings his business savvy and technical skills to Swish, providing his customers with a professional, worry-free makeover experience.

Nelson Torres

Owner, Construction Manager

Nelson is a second-generation carpenter with nearly twenty years of experience in the construction industry. He spent his early years mastering a wide range of construction trades and learned the value of quality craftsmanship while working alongside his father.
His hands-on experience combined with studies in business management have provided him with a passion to meld the superior quality workmanship found in his father’s generation with the commitment to new technologies and skills of his own generation. In addition to his experience in carpentry, Nelson has developed his skills in engineering, construction design, and customer relations.
Clients of Swish appreciate Nelson’s ability to source quality building materials and provide impeccable service.