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Shower Remodel

Porcelain Slab Shower Remodel on Carrington Way

Revitalizing a newer home’s shower.   

In a recent project, Swish Baths was tasked with remodeling a shower in a fairly new home. The homeowners were dissatisfied with their builder-grade custom tile shower, particularly due to the excessive grout lines that proved challenging to maintain. They sought our expertise in replacing the entire shower with our signature porcelain slabs, aiming for both an aesthetic and functional upgrade.

Before: A Shower with Unwanted Complexity

The home, though only a few years old, came with a shower that quickly fell out of favor with the homeowners. The main issue was the high-maintenance grout lines on the shower floor, which made cleaning a tedious chore. The homeowners envisioned a sleeker, more manageable shower space that would align with their lifestyle and design preferences.

The customer found one of our porcelain slabs that matched their existing floor tile very well and decided to proceed with a partial renovation, knowing the end result would look intentional and seamless.  


During: Crafting a Spacious and Sleek Shower

Our solution involved a complete overhaul of the shower. We installed Dekton Helena slabs on the shower walls and Dekton Zenith slabs on the floor. The Zenith slab’s textured surface not only provided a safe and stable footing but also eliminated the hassle of grout lines.

To address the need for more storage, we utilized additional space in the bathroom to create a full-wall “infinity niche.” This feature offered ample storage without compromising the budget. We focused on high-end details like epoxy miters on the niche’s outside corners, enhancing the porcelain’s appearance and giving it a monolithic look.

The shower faucet was upgraded to a Grohe model with a rain shower head. The project was completed with a frameless glass enclosure featuring a hinged door, a preference of the homeowner over the original sliding door.

After: A Shower Transformed: Stylish and Low-Maintenance

The finished shower stood as a testament to Swish Baths’ ability to transform a space into something both beautiful and practical. The new porcelain slabs provided a striking, low-maintenance surface that dramatically reduced cleaning efforts. The “infinity niche” offered a smart storage solution, and the high-end finishes elevated the overall look of the shower. The homeowners were thrilled with their new shower, which now combined functionality, safety, and style in a way that perfectly suited their needs and blended well with the rest of the bathroom!


Full Project Photos

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