Medford, NJ
Powder Room Remodel

A quick renovation: Powder Room Perfection. 

In a recent project, we had the pleasure of rejuvenating a powder room for a Medford, NJ homeowner. The client sought to breathe new life into this small but significant space. It was a project marked by efficiency and a remarkable transformation from old and unremarkable to fresh and fascinating.

Before: Outdated and Uninspiring

The powder room initially presented itself as a rather dated and uninspiring space. Outfitted with original linoleum floors that had seen better days, it lacked the character and freshness the homeowner desired. The room was in clear need of an upgrade to not just modernize its aesthetics but also improve its functionality.


During: Efficient Renovation, Stylish Upgrades

Our renovation process was both swift and thorough. First, we removed the old linoleum floors and laid down a new plywood subfloor. Next, we installed the Schluter Ditra uncoupling membrane, a crucial step for ensuring the longevity and durability of the flooring.

The installation of new hexagonal floor tiles instantly transformed the look of the space, adding a modern and stylish touch. Alongside this, we fitted a chic new vanity, an elegant overhead chandelier, and all-new plumbing fixtures. The final step was a fresh coat of paint, giving the room an airy and bright ambiance.

After: From Drab to Fabulous

The completed powder room makeover was a striking transformation. What was once a dull, forgotten space became a bright, airy, and intriguing room, seamlessly blending with the home’s main living area. It now stands as a testament to how even small spaces can make a big impact with the right design choices and expert execution. This quick and easy renovation delivered a powder room that the homeowner was proud to show off – a little nook of the house that now shines with style and personality.


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