Bathroom Remodel
Doral Dr, Cherry Hill, NJ

Full Bathroom Remodel

A leap from the 60’s to Modernity. 

In Cherry Hill, NJ, we embarked on an exciting project to transform a distinctively 1960s bathroom. The client sought to update their space, moving away from the charming yet dated cow-themed artwork and into a more contemporary era.

Before: A nostalgic 1960s space.

This Cherry Hill bathroom had its unique character, featuring artwork of cows that harkened back to its original 1960s design. While these elements added a cool, retro vibe, the homeowner was ready for a change. The bathroom’s layout, including a single vanity and original bathtub, was functional but lacked the modern amenities and style the homeowner desired.


During: Revamping with a modern flair. 

  • Bathtub Transformation: We replaced the old bathtub with a new, more contemporary model, ensuring it was securely set in a mortar bed for stability.
  • Vanity Upgrade: Transitioning from a single to a double vanity not only modernized the space but also significantly improved its functionality.
  • Lighting and Waterproofing: We introduced new recessed lighting to brighten up the area. The Schluter shower system was employed to effectively waterproof the tub area, complete with an innovative vertical niche and shelf.
  • Stylish Shower Area: At the client’s request, we designed a two-tone shower area, separated by a decorative metal band, adding a unique and modern touch to the bathroom.

After: A contemporary transformation. 

The completion of this project marked a significant transformation. The new bathtub, along with the double vanity and enhanced lighting, brought the bathroom into the 21st century. The two-tone shower area with its metal band accent became a striking feature, exemplifying modern elegance. Final touches like new tile flooring, fresh paint, updated baseboards, and an LED mirror rounded off the remodel, leaving the client with a bathroom that not only met their modern-day needs but did so with style and sophistication. This Cherry Hill bathroom remodel is a perfect example of how Swish Baths can take a dated space and turn it into a contemporary haven.


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