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Bathroom Remodel

Porcelain Slab Bathroom Remodel on Saratoga Drive

Reviving a bathroom with Swish Expertise

Swish Baths took on a full bathroom remodel in Mount Laurel, NJ, addressing a leaking shower that had become a persistent issue for the homeowners. Unable to pinpoint the leak’s source, they reached out to us for a solution. The challenge was not just to repair the shower but to breathe new life into the entire bathroom, which was outfitted with basic builder-grade finishes and a mold-prone shower.

Before: Outdated and Ready for Change

The original state of this Cherry Hill bathroom presented a myriad of challenges that went beyond surface-level aesthetics. At the heart of the homeowners’ concerns was a problematic shower, notorious for persistent leaking that baffled everyone. Despite numerous attempts, the source of the leak remained elusive, casting a shadow of frustration over the household. This issue was compounded by an ongoing battle with mold, which seemed to have made a permanent residence in their shower.

The bathroom itself was decked out in typical builder-grade finishes, which, while functional, lacked the character and quality the homeowners desired. Over time, these elements had begun to show their age, contributing to an overall sense of wear and tear. However, the most pressing issue was the shower. Constructed with drywall beneath the tiles, it was a textbook example of improper materials used in a moisture-heavy environment. Drywall, not being a waterproof material, was an unsuitable substrate for a tile shower, leading to the fundamental problems the homeowners faced.

Water infiltrating behind the tiles was unable to evaporate or drain properly, creating a permanently damp environment within the wall cavity. This constant moisture was the perfect breeding ground for mold, which the homeowners struggled to eliminate, regardless of their cleaning efforts. The situation was not just a daily inconvenience but also a potential health hazard, and it was clear that a simple repair job wouldn’t suffice. This bathroom required a comprehensive overhaul, one that would address these deep-rooted issues and transform the space into a functional, mold-free, and aesthetically pleasing environment. The homeowners’ aspiration was to turn this troubled space into a bathroom that not only functioned well but also reflected their personal style and met their day-to-day needs.


During: Transformation with Porcelain and Precision

Our first step was to strip the bathroom down to the studs, eradicating the mold and leak issues at their core. We decided on a full porcelain slab installation to modernize the space and prevent future water problems. The shower walls were adorned with Dekton Marina slabs, and Dekton Kreta was chosen for the shower floor. To maximize storage without breaking the bank, we installed a horizontal full wall shelf.

The new shower faucet from Grohe included a handy handheld feature, and we designed the shower to be curbless for a seamless, accessible entry. The entire shower was constructed grout-free, greatly simplifying future maintenance.

After: A Bathroom Transformed and Elevated

The completed bathroom was a far cry from its former self. The new porcelain slabs not only eliminated the mold and leakage issues but also added a sleek, contemporary look to the space. The curbless, grout-free shower design enhanced the bathroom’s functionality and ease of use. To balance the budget, we chose an off-the-rack frameless sliding shower door, which perfectly complemented the new design. The installation of new fixtures, lighting, vanities, and toilets completed the transformation, leaving the homeowners with a refreshed, stylish, and functional bathroom they could enjoy for years to come.


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