Evesham, NJ
Bathroom Remodeling

Full Bathroom Remodel at Grand Banks Circle, Evesham, NJ

Transforming space into style in Evesham. 

We took on a full bathroom remodel that was as much about reclaiming space as it was about infusing personal style. Our clients, originally from Texas, were eager to see their large, unused garden tub replaced with something that better suited their needs and aesthetic preferences.

Before: Unused Space and Untapped Potential

The existing bathroom was dominated by a large garden tub that had become more of a space consumer than a feature. Our clients rarely used it and felt it was time to transform this underutilized area into something more practical and visually appealing. They envisioned a bathroom that not only served their needs better but also paid homage to their Texan roots.


During: Creating a Shower with Character

The focus of this transformation was the installation of a custom tile shower. It was designed with dual shower niches and a custom bench, providing functionality and comfort. The highlight was the frameless custom glass that added a touch of sleek modernity.

An accent wall was created on the rear wall of the shower, continuing onto the shower floor. This Spanish-themed tile choice was a nod to the customers’ origins and personal tastes, adding a unique and vibrant touch to the space.

In a bold move, the clients chose a navy blue ceiling, harmonizing beautifully with the navy blue vanities and the blue accent tile in the shower, creating a cohesive and striking aesthetic.

After: A Bold, Personalized Bathroom Haven

The finished bathroom was a testament to daring design choices and personalization. The new shower became the centerpiece of the room, with its thoughtful features and vivid accent wall. The navy blue elements throughout the bathroom tied the space together, creating a cohesive and stylish look that reflected the clients’ heritage and personal style. This remodel went beyond just functionality; it was about creating a space that resonated with the clients’ identity and brought a piece of Texas into their Cherry Hill home.


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