Beautify your bathtub.

Custom Bathtub Remodels in the South Jersey and Surrounding Areas

Bathtub remodels
are exciting

(until they’re not.)

Whether it’s leaking or it’s lacking, you’re ready to upgrade your tub!

But, bath tub remodels can be the pits. Fickle contractors, dusty messes, and astronomical costs are enough to make anyone feel like they’re better off sticking with what they already have.

The truth is, where you bathe—where you rejuvenate—deserves some love. And, we exist to make your upgrade as seamless as possible.

At Swish, we make bathtub remodeling a walk in the park.

With meticulous service dustless installation, and accessible luxury, Swish can take your bathtub from chaotic to calm in as few as 3 days. Browse our virtual showroom and image what’s possible:

Clients love our signature bathtub tile panels.

Porcelain tile panels elevate the look and feel of every shower they’re in, but that’s not the only reason they’re the only tile we use.

● They can be installed 100% grout-free, which makes them more hygienic and easy to clean.
● They’re durable, heat resistant, and don’t fade, scratch, or stain.
● They last longer and don’t require harsh chemicals for cleaning, so they’re eco-friendly too!

Finally, while the porcelain tile panels are imported from Italy, they are stocked in the US. That means you can achieve this look in your shower in days, not months!

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Your delight
is our mission.

Our bathtub remodels offer durable elegance and are installed in as few as three days. Here’s what else you can expect:

We’ve done our best to make this your most excited “yes!”


So is Swish
right for you?

We’re happy to help you decide.


Call us directly or complete an interest form.

Our conversation starts on a short call where we’ll listen carefully to your goals and follow up with a few questions of our own. To protect your time and ours, we’ll give you a close cost estimate during the call.


Schedule a time for us to visit your home.

If you’d like to keep the conversation going, we’ll schedule a visit. While we’re there, we’ll discuss design options, material quality, and budget expectations (don’t worry—we deliver facts, not sales pitches!).


Watch your bath transform before your eyes.

When you’re ready, we’ll sync up our schedules, and before you know it, our crew will be in and out of your home so you can get on with your life… only now, with a shower that reminds you daily to take a moment for yourself!
Rendering of a Bathtub Remodel

One more thing to set your mind at ease…

See your upgrade before you

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. From daily shower routines to unwinding soaks in the tub, it’s a space that’s often occupied but overwhelmingly unconsidered.

What should be a space for relaxation is a nagging reminder of outdated tile, drippy shower heads, and moldy, peeling caulking. It’s time to imagine a better bathroom, starting with a rendering—on us! Simply use the button below to request it.